8Ware 350m CAT6A Ethernet Outdoor Underground Shielded External LAN Cable Roll Blue Bare Copper Twisted Core PVC Jacket

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CAT6A cables support networking at gigabit speeds and are backwards compatible with CAT5E cables. Colour coded blue for immediate and easy identification.

Item A
Conductor Construction(mm) 1/0.508±0.005
Material Bare Copper
Cabling OD (mm) 0.508
Insulation Material HDPE
OD(mm) 0.90±0.05
Avg. Thickness (mm) 0.18
Color 1、2、3、4
Cores Twisted Yes
Drain Construction(mm) -----
Material -----
Al Constructive Side -----
Overlap Rate -----
Mylar Overlap Rate -----
Assemble Cabling OD (mm) 5.00 (Ref.) + Filler
Mylar Overlap Rate -----
Al Constructive Side -----
Drain Construction(mm) -----
Material -----
Braid Construction(mm) -----
Material -----
Coverage -----
Jacket Material PVC (Bright)
OD(mm) 6.20±0.20
Avg. Thickness (mm) 0.6
Color BLUE (PVC001-6027)PT287C
Jet Print Color BLACK

Electrical Characters:
1. Voltage Rating: 30V Temperature Rating: 60℃
2. Dielectric Strength: AC-500V/MIN
3. Insulation resistance: 100M (OHMS * KM MIN at 20℃)

Physical Characters:
Test Object Jacket

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