Aten Professional Converter Switch 2 Port 4K HDMI/VGA to HDMI Converter Switch, supports control via RS232 terminal or auto to new source

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The ATEN VC1280 is a user-friendly device that simply connects HDMI and VGA sources to one HDMI display or projector. Apart from being compliant with HDCP 1.4, the VC1280 also supports HDMI 1.4 including 3D, Deep Color and 4K (3840 X 2160@30 Hz). In addition, the VC1280 features built-in VGA conversion, which allows you to transmit VGA signals to HDMI output without using extra adapters or scalers.

The VC1280 offers 3 source switching modes – HDMI, VGA, and AUTO, it allows you to switch rapidly and intuitively via a pushbutton for real-time use. When the VC1280 operates on the AUTO input mode, it transmits the first detected input to the HDMI display, and automati0y switches to a newly plugged-in source when it detects the signals.

Without any software or driver installation required, the VC1280 is a handy and easy-to-use multi-input A/V switch. It is ideal for user that needs automatic and quick switching to adopt. With the VC1280, you can effortlessly accelerate instant collaboration and work efficiency with co-workers.

Supports Auto Switch – the VC1280 automati0y switches to a newly plugged-in source
Connects two sources (HDMI/VGA) to one HDMI display
Converts VGA signals to HDMI output
Easily switches sources among 3 modes (HDMI/VGA/AUTO) via a pushbutton
HDMI 1.4 (3D, Deep Color, 4K); HDCP 1.4 compatible
Superior video quality – up to 4K (3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz)
RS-232 Channel Transmission – allows you to connect to serial terminals or serial devices for firmware upgrade
Supports Consumer Electronic Control (CEC)
Plug-and-play; no software or driver installation required
Quality and durable metal enclosure

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