Aten Rackmount KVM Switch 2 Console 16 Port Multi-Interface Cat 5, KVM Cables NOT Included, Daisy Chainable for up to 256 Devices,

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•Two KVM consoles independently and simultaneously control up to 16 directly connected computers
•By daisy chaining up to 15 additional KH2516A switches, as many as 256 computers can be controlled from the original KVM console
•Console conversion – any type of KVM console can control any type of computer; mixed combinations (PS/2&USB)
•supported on both the KVM console and computer sides
•Superior Video Quality- Supports the video resolutions up to 1600x1200@60Hz for up to 40 meters, and 1280x1024@75 Hz for up to 50 meters *With KVM Adapter Cable KA7000 series
•OSD Backup/Restore feature – enables the administrator to back up the switch's configuration and user profile information
•Configure port access rights for users on a port - by - port basis
•Diversified port operation mode enables flexible computer management – Occupy, Exclusive and share modes
•Three port selection methods: Manual (via front panel pushbuttons), Hotkey, and multi-language OSD (On Screen Display)
•Multiplatform support – PC, Mac, Sun, and serial
•Multiple User Accounts -Supports up to 10 user and 1 administrator accounts
•Two-Level Password Security – Supports one administrator and ten user profiles. Password protection prevents unauthorized accessing to the installation
•Auto Scan mode enables continuous monitoring of user-selected computers
•Broadcast Mode sends commands from the console to administrator-selected computers – allowing you to perform operations (such as software installation, upgrades, shutdowns, etc.), on them simultaneously
•Adapter ID
•Firmware Upgradeable

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