Aten VanCryst VGA Booster - up to 1920x1200 (30m); 1280x1024 (70m)

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The VB100 VGA Booster amplifies the VGA signal from a source device and transmits it to a display up to 70 meters away. The VGA booster extends the display distance without any signal loss; to bring you a crystal clear video display at a longer distance. The VB100 is built with a compact housing design for easy installation and manual gain control to improve image quality at different distances. The VB100 can be powered from the VGA source and has a built-in LED indicator for power. The VB100 supports hot-plugging and requires no software for installation, making it an easy, compact, and affordable solution to extend your VGA display. * If the source device cannot power the VB100 please use the power adapter included with the package. Note: The length of each of the two VGA cables can vary, The maximum distance of the two VGA cables combined can not exceed 70 meters.

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