Otterbox Earphones Molded by DECIBULLZ Black - Multi-Function Controls, Rugged Design, Superior Sound With Ultimate Comfort, Superior Noise Isolation

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Otterbox Earphones Molded by DECIBULLZ -Black

OtterBox Earphones deliver ultimate comfort with custom molding by DECIBULLZ. Fit to your ears, OtterBox Earphones block ambient noise for superior sound quality


Custom DECIBULLZ molds fit your ears for ultimate comfort and superior noise isolation

Superior sound powered by OtterBox

Metal housing and connectors for lasting durability

Extended strain relief protects against breaking

Tangle-resistant braided nylon avoids getting tied into knots

Multi-function controls for ease of use

Magnetic connect holds earphones together

Includes 3 ear inserts (S/M/L) and carrying case

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