PanzerGlass Clear Case for Apple iPhone 12 Mini - Slim fashionable design, enhance protection,Plastic frame surrounding rear cameras

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PanzerGlass Clear Case for Applie iPhone 12 Mini- Black Frame

PanzerGlass ClearCase Black Edition til Apple iPhone 12 Mini is the strongest ClearCase™ from PanzerGlass and protects the beautiful design you paid for. ClearCase™ Black Edition protects the phone from drops, scratches and dust. Produced with PanzerGlass™ and an extra strong honeycomb frame. The case matches all buttons etc for easy and full access to all functionalities. Slightly swelling bumpers in all corners to enhance protection. Applying a ClearCase™ Black Edition does not affect wirelesscharging.

Proven to kill up to 99.99 % of most common surface bacteria


Most powerful ClearCase™ ever

More than 19% better protecting performance

Plastic frame surrounding rear cameras

Tempered anti-aging glass back

Works w. wireless charging

Honeycomb pattern to enhance shock absorption

Slim fashionable design

Slightly swelling bumpers in all corners to

enhance protection

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