Supermicro (Gen 4) 3.5' to 2.5' Converter Drive Tray (MCP-220-00043-0N)

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The Supermicro 3.5' to 2.5' converter drive tray (MCP-220-00043-0N) is a great addition for those who would like to use a 2.5 drive in a 3.5' drive tray. This drive tray is compatible with various Supermicro chassis. Each hard drive tray is validated to ensure quality.
This hard drive tray is interchangeable with MCP-220-00118-0B. MCP-220-00118-0B is the tool-less version of this drive tray

3.5' to 2.5' Converter HDD/SSD Tray
Lightpipes to Support LED Indicators
Supermicro Certified

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